An Experiment in Globalization

Nowadays, people’s lives often take them far from the land of their birth, right? And the internet is supposed to be able to help diminish the problems arising from distance, yes? We will see if Apple and iTunes are up to the challenge.

Dear Sir or Madam,

My sister, who lives in the United States, sent me an iTunes gift certificate for my birthday. I would like to use it to purchase music. Your software tells me that I cannot use this gift certificate for iTunes Germany. It also tells me that I cannot sign on to the iTunes store for the United States, where the certificate was purchased.

How can I use this gift certificate to purchase music?


Douglas Merrill

The FAQ says to expect an answer within 24 hours. I will keep you all posted.

Superfast Update: The “thank you” page says that they will be in contact within 72 hours. This is not an auspicious start.

4 thoughts on “An Experiment in Globalization

  1. Sod globalisation – I’m used to the US & EU being protectionist so that’s no surprise.

    What does amaze me is that as a UK resident I’m not allowed to buy things from the iTunes store in Germany, or France. [Unlike, say Amazon, who are more than happy to ship across Europe]. It’s not even the slight price difference that bothers me (99c is tad cheaper than 79p), but the fact that they stock things that the UK store doesn’t, and which I therefore cannot purchase.

    Is that legal under EU law? Surely not.

  2. iTMS and its ilk are the buggy whip manufacturers of our day.
    I’d recommend you put more energy into pointing out to your family that supporting the store and anything DRM based is idiotic. Your iTMS experience will only end in anger and tears when you upgrade your computer or send it in for servicing.

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