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Since Twitter has become a rather popular way to communicate, there’s a chance that some of you, gentle readers, are using it, too. So if you’ve grown tired of your good old RSS-reader and think that webpages are so 2004, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can now also follow all updates on A Fistful of Euros via twitter – the account is “@afoe_tw”. (

2 thoughts on “afoe update tweets

  1. A lot of people say they think twitter will make RSS redundant and will probabely be very happy with this service.

    I prefer RSS because I like to scan the content of a post which is possible in my RSS reader. Usually I only click on a posted link if I want to give the post a good read, or want to comment/read the comments. In twitter I’d have to click every link to see what the post was really about. With the number of blogs I read I’d get a severe case of RSI 😉

  2. I’m following AFOE now, but will not abandon my Bloglines just yet 🙂 It would be nice to read tweets from you guys (Is Edward Hugh on Twitter?) not just updates in tinyurl format.

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