A soda with Karadzic

Just wanted to link to this post about meeting Radovan Karadzic in prison. The writer comes across as a bit naive — gosh, the ICTY cell block is dingy! Karadzic, a former politician turned New Age guru, comes across as charming and at ease with himself! — but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Key point for me: his claim that Karadzic won’t try to turn his trial into a circus as Seselj and Milosevic did. Color me skeptical on that one. We’ll see soon enough.

5 thoughts on “A soda with Karadzic

  1. I wish you had the post carefully before calling me “naive.” I made the “dingy” comment in reference to the photos of the same unit on the ICTY website, in which everything in the cell block is spotless and gleaming. Have you been inside the UNDU? Compared to the sanitized ICTY photos, “dingy” is indeed an apt description.

  2. Sure. But compared to most jails anywhere, the ICTY is really, really nice.

    N.B., I try to read posts carefully before linking or commenting.

    Doug M.

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