A small fairytale in times of economic malaise

Just check this out. The Dutch baseball team beat The Dominican Republic in the WBBC. Not once, but twice! This is like the football team of Luxemburg beating the Brazil squad twice in a row. I like the comment of Dutch coach Delmonico:

“I don’t have big names, but I’ve got some long names,” Netherlands coach Rod Delmonico joked.

And what about this:

Even with all the controversy swirling, the loss to the Netherlands was improbable. The Dutch team has just one major league player on its roster (Marlins pitcher Rick VandenHurk), and he didn’t even play Saturday. Its most celebrated player, five-time Hoofdklasse (Dutch major league) pitcher Cordemans, has never pitched professionally in the United States. As the Hoofdklasse’s highest-paid pitcher, Cordemans earns just $40,000 a year, less than half of what Rodriguez earns each day.

Reminds me of the US basketball Dream Team at the Olympics…

Well, I suppose the WBBC fun will be over soon enough for the Dutch. But, hey, this rocks!

4 thoughts on “A small fairytale in times of economic malaise

  1. Small world. Coach Delmonico is an old Tallahassee neighbor. I’m guessing Dutch possessiions in the Carribean might have something to do with his teams success.

  2. Didn’t know they even played baseball in the Netherlands (or anywhere in Europe)! In all my time in Europe I never met anyone who knew or cared anything about baseball (Fine by me – I think baseball is, at best, the U.S.A’s contribution to insomnia cures)

  3. Oh, honkball is a fairly popular sport in the Netherlands. As softball is widely played at secondary schools, there’s a reasonable national competition and in international competitions the Dutch team hasn’t done spectacularly well, but decent enough. It’s one of those sports that you won’t see much of if you’re not actively involved yourself, but nowhere near the level of artificiality of American Football, which struggled to even put together a decent European league a few years ago.

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