A simple solution for #Brexit-related uncertainty

Prominent Brexiter Andrew Lilico, I see, argues that we could avoid the uncertainty created by triggering the Article 50 process by not doing so:

The Treasury says an instant triggering of Article 50 post-referendum would be a driver of uncertainty. In which case, maybe don’t do that?

Indeed. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty lays down the process for voluntary withdrawal from the EU. You trigger it if you want to leave the EU. If you haven’t, you haven’t left the EU. Not triggering it – staying in the EU – would indeed avoid quite a lot of uncertainty.

But, Andrew, we could go one better. We could completely eliminate it. All we need do is vote to stay in.

2 thoughts on “A simple solution for #Brexit-related uncertainty

  1. Shorter version of post: ‘Prominent Brexiter Andrew Lilico argues against Brexit.’.

    Which sums up the position of more and more ‘Leave’ leaders, once they face the prospect of a close embrace with the reality of leaving.

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