A note for people looking for my other blog

I’ve moved it to pedantry.fistfulofeuros.net. I’m putting this note here because, unfortunately, you can’t get to that URL because DNS to it has been cut off for a few hours. This is the third time our ISP has done this in a week – propagate DNS for a subdomain and then cancel it – and it is completely their fault. As a result, nothing will be posted to it until I’m able to get someone at Verve to fix it. However, due to the holidays, that will probably not be terribly soon.

In the mean time, have a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a cool Kwanzaa and a solemn winter solistice.

Update: Well, Verve’s tech support was prompt and at the phones on Christams Eve. This is truely impressive in an ISP. They claim everything is fine now and that the domain name ought to repropagate over the next couple hours. If so, then there will be a posting today.

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About Scott Martens

Scott is a US-raised Canadian living in Brussels with his American wife. His political background is well to the left of centre, even for Europe, and is very interested in immigration, cultural integration and language policy issues. He is presently working against a deadline on his doctorate in computational linguistics and is on hiatus. Wrote Pedantry, also on hiatus.

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