A New European

Nikolai Johannes Merrill, born this day at 12:17am, to loving parents Iris and Douglas


A beautiful new smile in this still-new century…

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About Doug Merrill

Freelance journalist based in Tbilisi, following stints in Atlanta, Budapest, Munich, Warsaw and Washington. Worked for a German think tank, discovered it was incompatible with repaying US student loans. Spent two years in financial markets. Bicycled from Vilnius to Tallinn. Climbed highest mountains in two Alpine countries (the easy ones, though). American center-left, with strong yellow dog tendencies. Arrived in the Caucasus two weeks before its latest war.

17 thoughts on “A New European

  1. congratulations and best wishes to you and your wife, doug! best of luck for the future.

  2. Nice wonder.

    BTW, Patrick (G), Nikolai has a very good possibility to see the next century, since current life expectancy is about 75 years for men, and growing at a rate of 1 year every 4 years.


  3. Add me to the list. Congratulations. Well done both of you. Doing your bit to slow down Europe’s demographic decline.

    Now come on the rest of you!!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all!! We are just as happy as can be. Mom and baby are doing very well, resting and recuperating from the rigors of being born (or giving birth). Dad is keeping everyone fed and the little one clean. But we have been very fortunate, blessed really, and everything has gone swimmingly so far.

    Thanks to everyone, again, for all the kind wishes!

  5. You mentioned nothing about this when we met up in Budapest! I guess had Iris accompanied you I would’ve been clued in.;) Congrats!!

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