A Moment of Blatant Self-Regard

Five years, one month and one day ago, A Fistful of Euros went live with its first posts.

Thanks to David, for getting the ball rolling and keeping it rolling; thanks to Tobias for keeping the back end running and the front end looking good; thanks to all of the writers; thanks to the commenters, for keeping us on our toes; thanks to the advertisers for keeping this little venture self-financing; thanks to the politicians and other public types for giving us such rich material to work with; and thanks to the readers, hope that you keep coming back for more.

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Blatant Self-Regard

  1. Hey thanks dudes, appreciating your fresh voices on european events. I got so fed up with only have the MSM to listen to. Thank god for blogging and well done for keeping the fire burning.

  2. Thank you. I think your posts are consistently informative and informed. You triumph over the crass dictum that the vast majority of print and television journalism adhere to: “simplify and exaggerate”. You are my favorite source on European affairs over and above other blogs and official media.

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