A major media event

Slate announces that its parent, Microsoft, has sold the pioneering online magazine (where afoe‘s own Scott MacMillan’s byline appears from time to time) to the Washington Post. I haven’t seen Slate‘s figures, but it’s just possible that Microsoft might not need to show its financial statements pro forma for the divestiture.

At this juncture it would be as well to remind our readers that the rumours of afoe‘s impending acquisition by Rupert Murdoch are just that, rumours. All the same, we take comfort from Mr Murdoch’s long-standing policy of respecting his journals’ editorial independence and treating his employees decently. Coming soon: ‘The French-Democratic-Islamofascist Conspiracy to Deprive New Europe of Christmas — An afoe Special Report‘.

7 thoughts on “A major media event

  1. Apparently “independent” means “leftist” to Mrs. T., am I right? (Of course I am not left.)

  2. Mrs. T was making a tongue-in-cheek observation that Slate will be wiped clean and transformed into yet another one of Murdoch’s rags.

  3. I’m not getting an association chain to Murdock. Washington Post is one of the better US papers, with the traditional newsroom separation policy. Are you thinking of New York Post?

  4. Patrick: close but pas de cigar. WaPo (whether one agree with their editorial line or not) is highly regarded. Perhaps coincidentally, Murdoch has nothing to do with WaPo.

    All I’m saying is, if Murdoch decided to stuff afoe full of his cash, we would carry on as though nothing had changed, parroting the approved Republican party line.

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