A change in Parliament

After 25 years in the European Parliament, Iain Paisley has announced that he will not be standing for re-election as an MEP this year.

This means, of course, that the Parliament will be losing one of it’s more colurful characters whose explits included (as Anthony Wells reminded me) being forcefully removed from the chamber by Otto Von Hapsburg after proclaiming the Pope was the Antichrist.

5 thoughts on “A change in Parliament

  1. The main problem as I see it, is that after standing down from the European Parliament Dr Paisley will be able to spend more time focusing on the affairs of Northern Ireland.

  2. The DUP say he is indeed standing down to focus his attention on the review process. This is, however, nonsense. Paisley is standing down because he is not in good health (various rumours, such as cancer of the intestines) and because in the rare occasions he was allowed near a camera during Novemeber’s Assembly campaign, he showed every symptom of incipient Alzheimers.

    There is a serious danger that the DUP will take two seats in June’s European Elections, and also a possibility that Sinn F?in could take Hume’s seat. Not good.

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  4. Aah, I recall greatly enjoying a piece by Paisley expounding his theory on why it was that seat 666 in the European Parliament was vacant and who would fill it..

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