495 798 10 34

It’s a year since the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, and it ain’t getting any better. We’ve had the beginning of a trial; a trial where the prosecutor arrested a gaggle of secret police agents, which might have been a good sign, and proceeded to explain that despite this it was all the fault of “a group outside the country” (read: exiles we want rid of), as were the murders of Paul Klebnikov, Andrei Kozlov and possibly Alexander Litvinenko. He didn’t suggest they were putting broken glass in the butter – not quite, at least. Naturally, the rather noticeable news that enemies of the state apparently controlled the FSB was not to be taken as a criticism of that agency, and certainly not of the President who made his career in it.

Equally, it was the Chechens, although the fact the ones who had most reason to do so are those appointed to run Chechnya by the President is carefully elided. Curiously, though, the trial has yet to fully take off as a grand unified theory of state self-exculpation. Anyway, all this to say that her old newspaper has reconnected her old phone number; (00 7) 495 798 10 34.