Online shopping allows you price comparison options and more. Amazon (AMZN) was ranked number one in Amazon’s first-half earnings report and is the third-most-visited website in the U.S. Google (GOOG) also ranks high on the U.S. list. Google is the world’s second-largest search engine.

When shopping online, you get an improved experience and tons of offers (visit this page for more information). “Online shopping is easier than ever. You can find a product anywhere you want, from any retailer. On Google search results, you can choose from hundreds of retail sites and find exactly the right item that matches your needs. And if you’re looking for the right product or service, you can buy it from Amazon and pick it up within minutes from your door,” said Amazon.

While some of these firms offer free shipping, the average household spends $180 a year on shipping. The next highest cost of shipping is from USPS, which costs $2.43 a pound.

If you find some low-priced shipping options that are effective for your budget and you’re ready to cut out the middleman, here are five brands and retailers that’ll keep your shipping costs low.


Overstock’s service, which provides customers with free shipping on everything, from apparel to appliances, is a popular option. But their flat-rate service is cheaper than traditional shipping, especially if you’re already buying large items. Just ship to their warehouse in the U.S., pay for $35 in return shipping (free for orders over $35), and you’ll get free shipping on all items. You can also order in larger quantities using Overstock’s coupon code: “dynamic.” 2. Amazon Echo Amazon’s Echo is a smart home speaker that you can use to do things like order pizzas and send email. The Echo, which runs on Amazon’s cloud-based Alexa platform, can also provide you with updates on what’s going on in your house (read: answers to your questions). If you have an Echo, you can pay $130 for a 2-year Prime membership, which grants you free two-day shipping on most items and free streaming music on Amazon Prime Music. 3. ShoeBox This is the best shoes retailer on the web, if not all time. They ship to almost anywhere in the world, and they offer free shipping on most orders. And that price? It’s right here on their homepage.