1 September 2003 – A day that lives in infamy

We’ve managed to miss our own ten year anniversary, so a very heartfelt and sentimental happy belated to us. It’s a grand old age for a blog, and I think we’ve maintained very high standards year after year. It’s everything I could have hoped for ten years ago and I’m immensely proud of my part in all this. “This is the blog you want for creative, English-language coverage of European affairs”, we boasted, and I think we delivered.

Cheers to my fellow contributors, to Nick Barlow who hopped on board, to Matthew Turner, Tobias Schwarz, and Scott Martens who came along, and to Doug Merrill, Edward Hugh, Mrs Tilton, Scott MacMillan, Claudia Muir, Douglas Muir, Alex Harrowell, Guy La Roche, Iain J Coleman, Jurjen Smies, Emmanuel, Brussels Gonzo, Charlie Whitaker, Jamie Kenny, P O Neill, and Kantoos.

It’s also a reminder to get moving on a long-delayed overhaul of the site. Plans are already in place, so stay tuned.

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